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Improved “check in” process at events

15 Sep 2023 7:28 AM | Patrick Keogh (Administrator)

Improved “check in” process at events

Where you have pre-paid for a ticket to an event, many of you have been bringing either a paper ticket or the ticket on your phone when you arrive to check in. After all that’s the way you do it these days right?

Unfortunately we have not been set up to use this and so we ask you for your family name and then check you off from a paper list. This has caused some (small) problems when a group with multiple family names has booked together or other similar cases. Also it has meant that we have to close off online ticket purchase a day in advance to get the list prepared.

With our new member management system which arrives in early October, we will be moving to a more modern arrangement where our front desk volunteers will use their mobile phones to scan the QR code on your ticket (on paper or on your phone) to check you in. There will be a transition period - any event where tickets are already on sale will continue to use the “old” paper-based system. The last of these will be Walter Trout in January 2024.

But what if I forget to bring my ticket? No problem, we can still look you up on “the system” and check you in that way, but of course it is quicker for you and for us if you bring the ticket and have it ready when you approach the front desk!


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