Presidential Musing – May 2020

Greetings Blues fans in lock down!

Not terribly much to report. Nothing’s happened. I counted them twice.

Hope this short version of Blues News finds you all comfortably incarcerated and still in full command of your faculties. Mine’s gone a little full goose bozo but I’m sure he’ll be back later.

There are quite a number of fabulous live music streams on Facebook & Instagram if you use that social media.

Also check out Canberra Blues Society’s YouTube channel for some of our own great videos of past events.

We commemorate the  anniversary of the passing of Australia’s ‘Godfather of the Blues’ Dutch Tilders (D: 23 April 2011) by sharing this video with you DUTCH TILDERS The Journey Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NebCsU1Q2JI  

Keep listening to music, painting, collecting stamps or whatever it is you like to do and avoid going out. It’s not easy but it will be a lot harder if we don’t!

Stay safe, social distance and only have a drink on days that end in a ‘Y’.

See you next time


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