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Presidential Musing – March 2019

Hello fellow Bluesers. Damn! Autumn already! The year will be over before we know it!

The first jam for the year kicked off in grand style with the host band Big Gumbo playing some great tunes. The jamming was also outstanding, but I think the highlight on the day was the refurbed room! It’s definitely sounding a lot better and less echoic. There were a couple of problems on the day, mostly foldback, but I’m sure they’ll be ironed out quickly, if not already.

Something we all need to bear in mind is stage levels. There is a saying that goes “down on one, not much fun. Up on ten, play like men”. Probably need to ditch that saying. The poor fellow doing the mixing had to mention to a few people to turn down as they were loud enough off stage to have disappeared from the mix all together. Turning up too far starts an “arms race” where the mixer is trying to keep the balance and to do that, he has to raise the levels on other instruments and particularly vocals. So please guys watch your volumes.

And a reminder, the Sunday jams are now starting an hour earlier than last year. It’s now a 1pm kick off! And take note that our April Jam will be held on Sunday 28th due to Easter being on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

I heard the Blues Jams at the Australian Blues Music Festival went off really well. A big thank you to the committee & everyone else who put in the hard yards, organised the Jams & kept them running smoothly. Also big thanks to the host bands and the jammers.

Our 2nd Jam Workshop of the year was well attended again. Check out the pics on page 6.

What’s on around town? Let’s have a look.

Sunday, 17 March is the Canberra Blues Society jam hosted by the Divine Devilles Band at the HGC. Please note, starting time is now 1pm, not 2pm. The HGC kitchen will be open ‘til 2pm.

Friday, 22 March Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges from the US is playing at the HGC. 7- 10:30pm. Pre-sales: $20 + B/F (see page 4 for details and our CD giveaway competition)

Fri 12 Apr – Shane Pacey Trio at the Austrian Australian Club in Mawson.

Other gigs in Canberra and the region are on the Gig Guide on the CBS website

That’s it for another month. I look forward to seeing you around!


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