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Presidential Musing February 2018

Greetings blues aficionados. As we all know February is usually a big month for Blues goings on around town, particularly with the Goulburn Blues Festival at our doorstep. We’re gearing up for our two Jams at the Goulburn Club on Friday & Saturday night of the Festival. Drop in & say hi.

This years’ festival features some great local and interstate acts and is always worth a hop down the highway to catch your favourite bands. Most of the local venues are involved and for the punters everything is free. Can’t argue with that.

Other good Blues acts around town include The Black Hat Band on the 12th and Killwater on the 19th at the Hippo Bar in Garema Place in the city. The Hippo Bar is working hard to establish itself as a Monday night blues venue and provides a classy atmosphere and live music on a night when otherwise you’d be sitting home watching the Tele.  Key Grip Full Strength featuring the mighty Leo Joseph on keys and the wonderful Angela Lount on vocals is on at Smith’s Alternative bookshop in the city on the 24th. This will be another great show from some of our foremost exponents of the blues.

Not forgetting of course that this months’ jam features Sydney’s Pat Powell band and will be a corker. Pat is also running a vocal workshop on the morning of the jam, which is a not to be missed for aspiring and established vocalists.

The first in hopefully a series of workshops for aspiring blues musicians will be held in the Keller Bar of the Harmonie German Club on Wednesday 7 February from 7:00 to 10:00pm. The workshop is designed to provide information about playing in a band situation and about how Blues songs are structured. A rhythm section featuring myself on bass and vocals, Dave Blanken on guitar and Mitch Preston will be hosting and mentoring.

We will make sure that all participants get a chance to have a play on material they feel comfortable with. Unlike the jams, the only audience for the workshops will be the participating players.

The jam workshop costs $5.00 for Blues Society members and $8.00 for non-members.

Don’t forget K2’s 65th birthday celebration on Fri 23 February with Charlie A’Court from Canada and our own Ali Penney & Dave Blanken doing the opening set. (See page 4 for details)

Anyway, good blues and happy trails to all and I’ll catch up at the February jam.

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