While we get our online store up and running, you can buy our merchandise, as well as CDs of Canberra’s Best Blues Bands, from our Monthly Jams and by emailing us for more details.

Prices range from $15 – $30 plus postage and packaging. A discount is available to CBS Members.

Save P&P by paying and collecting your CDs at the CBS’ Monthly Blues Jam, or if you can’t make it, send an email to our Treasurer, with your postal address. We’ll get back to you with payment (cheque or direct deposit) and delivery details.

CBS Merchandise




Photo of a black baseball cap with the Canberra Blues Society Logo embroidered across the front. Cap One Size $20 non members
$15 CBS members
Ladies T Front Women’s Tee S M L XL XXL $25 non members
$20 CBS members
Men's Tee Back Men’s Tee S M L XL XXL $25 non members
$20 CBS members
Polo shirt Front Polo Shirt Ladies 8 10 12 14 16Mens S M L XL XXL $40 non members
$35 CBS members
hoodie-front Ladies hooded zippered jackets 10 12 14 16 $60 non members
$55 CBS members
hoodie-back Men’s hooded pullovers S M L XL $60 non members
$55 CBS members


CDs of Canberra’s Best Blues Bands






cd-keygrip Cuts and Takes Leo Joseph’s Key Grip $15
cd-handful Handful of Shadows Dean Edgecombe
and the Seventh Sons
cd-jamboree Dance Hall Jamboree Queen Juanita
and the Zydeco Cowboys
cd-glen Soul Searchin’ Glen Terry $20
cd-everybody ‘Everybody Wants Some’ The Business – Dean Edgecombe
and Judi Pearce
cd-garage Live at Arty’s Garage Gordon Navara Connection $20
cd-glory ‘Glory Box’ D J Gosper $20
cd-hotflush ‘Hot Flush Blues’ D J Gosper $20
cd-spirit ‘Spirit on the Rise’ Karizma Katz – D J Gosper
and Christo Carlsen
cd-emporer ‘The Emperor’s New Blues’ Back Beat Drivers $20
cd-confessions ‘True Blue Confessions’ Back Beat Drivers $20
cd-bigger ‘Bigger Better Zilber’ Jonno Zilber $20
cd-youngguns ‘Young Guns’ Jonno Zilber $20
cd-manbites ‘Man Bites Dog’ Ernie van Veen $20
cd-tinylife ‘One Tiny Life’ Ernie van Veen $20
cd-drive ‘Drive’ Ernie van Veen $20
cd-thermal ‘Thermal’ John van Buuren $20 
cd-holecurran ‘Adam Hole and
Marjie Curran Band’
Adam Hole and
Marjie Curran Band
cd-whynot ‘Why Not’ Adam Hole $20
cd-river ‘The River’ Marjie Curran Trio $20
cd-house ‘Let’s Play House’ Mamas Blooz House $20
The Dorothy Jane Band ‘Woman on the Run’ The Dorothy Jane Band $20