The Canberra Blues Society’s Monthly Jam is held:

  • at The Harmonie German Club, 49 Jerrabomberra Ave Narrabundah
  • from 2pm to 5.30pm
  • on the 3rd Sunday of every month

On this page: Jam Guidelines | Rehearsed Acts | Unrehearsed Acts | Host Band Responsibilities | Disclaimer

Monthly Jam Guidelines

The CBS has a few rules and guidelines for the conduct of its monthly jams.  Please make sure you read and understand them before you sign-up at the jam.

The rules and guidelines can also be downloaded in the  Jam Guidelines flyer.


  • To encourage and promote blues music to the general community.
  • To provide a venue for young, amateur or part-time musicians to gain confidence and performance experience.
  • To showcase professional musicians to the general community to further their careers and assist in securing additional paid performances.
  • Above all to encourage new friendships and have fun!


  • Musicians must recognise, respect and support the contributions of other musicians. Musicians are expected to stay for most of the jam, to sit-in if requested and listen to other line-ups (after all they listened to you).
  • Courteous and thoughtful behavior must be shown at all times.

Jam Management

  • Jammers are encouraged have their names on the whiteboard by 2:30 pm.
  • Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed a spot but the jam coordinator will try to give everyone an opportunity to perform.
  • Jams have a jam coordinator and a sound engineer.
  • The jam coordinator is responsible for managing the stage and whiteboard of jammers who have nominated to perform.
  • The jam coordinator determines the final line-up for each set and the whiteboard order of play, encourages discussion and negotiation between jammers to provide fair opportunity, maximum inclusion and, where possible, a varied mix.
  • The jam coordinator has the right to ask jammers to adjust their volume accordingly.
  • Complaints concerning scheduling from non-CBS members are not accepted.
  • The jam coordinator’s decision is final, including refusing jammers the right to play.
  • The jam coordinator may reduce or increase the set time depending on the number of jammers on the day.

Jam Rules

  • Jammers are expected to meet a competent standard of musicianship and be familiar with standard 3-chord, 12-bar blues songs.
  • The CBS provides a lyric folder of classic blues songs. See attached list.
  • Each combination of jammers is required to do a three song set of no more than 15 minutes.
  • A five minute changeover between sets is provided for. Your time starts when the last act has left the stage therefore you should move quickly and with minimum fuss to set up your instrument in order to get maximum performance time.
  • Maximum 2 electric guitars in any one set unless approved by the jam coordinator.
  • No-one is to bring an amp onto the stage without checking with the jam coordinator prior to the start of the jam. Only amps that are mic’d or DI’d to the PA can be used.
  • When given an amp to use jammers should leave the settings as they are, except if they have asked beforehand. Amps are not to be turned up. (additional stage volume will be provided by the sound engineer via monitors if need be)
  • Jammers must take care of equipment belonging to the host band or supplied by the CBS.
  • A rehearsed act may do a set as a band/solo if it is prearranged at least 24 hours in advance of the jam by emailing
  • In most cases the vocalist decides on the songs, the key and tempo.

Extra Equipment, Options Supplied by CBS

  • Acoustic guitars, special blues harp mics, keyboards etc should be plugged into the DI inputs provided at the front of the stage – ask the sound engineer to point them out if not sure.
  • Three vocal mics with foldback are provided – do not move the mics – you move to the mic. For special requests like a mic for a wind instrument or additional vocal mics – discuss (during a break & not whilst jams are on) with the sound engineer.

Provided in addition to one or two amps provided by the host band will be:

  • DI input for keyboards, acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments.
  • DI input with chorus effect – for acoustic guitar/guitar amp emulator DI, which is a valve preamp with clean, overdrive & distortion channels and a reverb pedal. (Hughes and Kettner Tube Tools). Guitar amp emulator DI, which is good for clean guitar sound or a blues harp with unbalanced mic (Carl Martin Rock Bug).

Host Band Responsibilities

  • The Host Band must play predominately blues music at the monthly jam.
  • Provide the following:
    • drum kit
    • bass rig
    • guitar amp (one minimum)
  • Assist jammers on/off stage i.e. set-up/ egress.
  • Ensure all gear works.
  • Play an initial 45 minute set.
  • Fill in spots to complete a 4-6 piece band, if required.
  • Depending on the number of jammers on the day perform a concluding short set.

Disclaimer of Liability

The monthly jams are conducted by the CBS for the benefit of its members and visitors.

Neither the CBS nor the Harmonie German Club shall be under any liability whether in tort or otherwise for any loss of, or damage to instruments left unattended including, but not limited to, any negligence or willful act or any consequential loss or damage.